Gear Check: Sunglasses

A look at the latest in running sunglasses with Runner’s World Gear Editor Ryan Scott.

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5 Best Shoe Combos To Smash That PB

It’s not uncommon to own more than one pair of shoes – especially if you’re a runner.

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WATCH: How Hilly Sock Factory Makes Their Running Socks

Ever wondered how running socks are made? Check out these new lux socks for runners.

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Gear Tip: How To Tie Your Shoes

Laces flapping in the wind? We show you the right way to tie your shoes.

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Double Up On Running Shoes!

These great combinations are for those who know just one pair of running shoes is not enough!

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Is This The Shoe That Will Break A 2-Hour Marathon?

Nike unveils a shoe for the three guys trying to run 1:59:59 – as well as two models for the rest of us.

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Hydration Packs vs Vests for Trail Runners

Don’t hold on to your bladder, vest packs are the latest in hydration!

7 Mar 2017 / 1 comment.

The Perfect Pants For Race Day!

Check out the ‘race-ready’ pants we’re testing for the April issue gear feature.

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First Look: ASICS Gel-Nimbus 19

55% Lighter, faster and in a brand-new colourway, Gear Ed Ryan previews the latest from ASICS.

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