6 High-Protein Dinners That Can Replace Chicken

If you’re tired of poultry, try one of these recipes instead.

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Kamini’s 4 Delicious, Fast & Nutritious Meals

Celebrity chef, SA MasterChef winner and marathoner Kamini Pather cooks up meals worthy of any runner.

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Run Fast, Eat Slow!

In their new book, two runner friends explain how to watch your times and weight drop by nourishing your hardworking body.

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Savory & Sweet Olive Recipes

RW contributing chef Pam Anderson shares secrets of this Mediterranean staple.

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Four Ways To Add Grains To Your Salads

These unusual varieties pack more nutrients and flavour into a healthy postrun meal.

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A Runner’s Guide To Braaing

Stay healthy at family braai’s with our guide to runner-friendly food.

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The Runner’s Guide To Pizza

Prepped the right way and consumed in reasonable quantities, the slice is definitely right. Choose pizza for fuelling, recovery… and, yes, reward.

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Banana, Honey and Ginger Breakfast Smoothie

Kick off your day by drinking this sweet banana smoothie with a kick of ginger.

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More Energy, Less Gluten

You can get your energy boost without resorting to pasta or rice. These low-GI, wheat-free breads will fuel your run, giving you all the benefits of carbs without the crash. Bonus: they don’t taste half bad, either.

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5 Caffeinated Treats to Boost Your Day

Five recipes to help you get your buzz.

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