Run Fast, Eat Slow!

In their new book, two runner friends explain how to watch your times and weight drop by nourishing your hardworking body.

5 Dec 2016 / 0 comments.

A Runner’s Guide To Braaing

Stay healthy at family braai’s with our guide to runner-friendly food.

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The Runner’s Guide To Pizza

Prepped the right way and consumed in reasonable quantities, the slice is definitely right. Choose pizza for fuelling, recovery… and, yes, reward.

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5 Caffeinated Treats to Boost Your Day

Five recipes to help you get your buzz.

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Six Taco Recipes to Fuel Your Runs

Inventive tortilla fixings satisfy every craving and power your running with plenty of nutrients.

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10 Ways To Kick-Start Your Breakfast

Tasty breakfast ideas to fuel your training and set you up for the day.

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Caffeinated Treats to Boost Your Day

The caffeine in coffee, tea, and even chocolate can do more than energise your day — it can boost your workout by reducing perceived exertion.

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6 Toast Toppings To Revolutionise Your Breakfast

Delicious toppings for a post-run snack are the best thing since … well, sliced bread.

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Easter Recipes For Runners

Let us guide you through this Easter’s eating, with all the classics with a healthy runner-powered twist.

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Coconut & Chocolate Squares

Refuel your runs with this nutrient-packed coconut and chocolate square recipe.

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