This Rape Victim Is Helping Survivors Worldwide

Johannesburg-born Claire McFarlane is currently running over 3 500km of beach, across 230 countries, in support of sexual violence survivors around the world.

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8 Questions With Trail Legend Ryan Sandes

When you’re one of South Africa’s best-known runners, you get asked a lot of stuff!

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Kevin Hart’s First Marathon Is No Joke!

The 38-year-old comedian plans on kicking the New York City Marathon’s ass. Seriously.

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100 Seconds To Make You Feel The Magic Of Running

For those who run, there’s something magical in the sport – perhaps it’s the freedom it brings or maybe the runner’s high.

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The Backwards Ultra-Marathon Rastafarian Beekeeper

Chinomwe ran his fifth Comrades Marathon this year; and for the third year in a row, he ran it backwards!

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The Runner Guy: Ironman Superstar James Cunnama

South Africa’s James Cunnama is one of the world’s top Ironman-distance triathletes, with the ability to pull off sensational run splits. Here are his secrets…

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Kane Reilly: The Ultimate Comeback Kid

In a short space of time, Kane Reilly established himself as one of South Africa’s top trail runners.

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Waheed Outran Cancer & Came Out Stronger!

For avid Joburg runner Waheed Vadi, the ultimate test of endurance came in the form of an aggressive, very rare form of cancer.

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Fallon Ran Off 19kg! Here’s How.

Running helped a sedentary student become a slim señorita.

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WATCH: The Rape Survivor Running To Heal

Johannesburg-born Claire McFarlane is currently running over 3 000km of beach, across 184 countries, in support of rape survivors around the world.

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