Official Comrades Distances Over 93 Years

The official distance of the 2018 Comrades Marathon is 90.184km – slightly longer than the previous Down Run route. Here’s a list of the longest and shortest Comrades Marathons dating back to 1921.

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Comrades Marathon 2018 Route Changes & Official Distance

The official distance of the 2018 Comrades Marathon as well as changes to the route have been confirmed.

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2018 Comrades Training Programmes

Whether you’re wanting just to finish or aiming for a Bill Rowan, we’ve got the plan for you.

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Sign Up For The 2018 Comrades Newsletter!

Tackling the Comrades Marathon in 2018? Arrive at the starting line on the 10th June ready to conquer the race!

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Comrades Entries Extended To 21,500!

Secure your 2018 Comrades entry before it’s too late!

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What To Pack For Fuelling On Race Day

Worried you’ll forget something? Here’s a fuel packing list to keep you nourished for your big event.

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Comrades 2018: What You Need To Know!

The Comrades Marathon Association (CMA) launched its 2018 Comrades Marathon campaign in Johannesburg on Wednesday, 30 August.

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The Past, Present And Future of Comrades

What does the future hold for South Africa’s most iconic race?

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My First Comrades Experience: The Tales Of A Novice

I believe that as a true South African, one should to run the Comrades Marathon at least once in their lifetime. I did, and it changed my outlook on life.

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‘I Missed The Comrades Cut-Off By 2 Minutes’

Charlyn Smart lined up at the 92nd Comrades Marathon with one goal in mind: to finish! And she did, but without the elusive medal she had dreamed about.

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