The Final Countdown To Comrades

You’re not out of the woods yet: the next few days can impact your race. Follow these tips this week, and arrive at the start, calm & ready to run.

26 May 2017 / 0 comments.

8.6 Time-Slicing Tips For 86.73 Kilometres of Comrades

You’ve trained hard, dedicating many months, early mornings, and missing toenails to Comrades. Now it’s time to get to the finish line.

26 May 2017 / 0 comments.

What to Expect… When Running Your First Comrades

‘Am I really cut out for this?’, ‘Is this really happening?’, ’Am I ready?’

24 May 2017 / 0 comments.

Top Elite Contenders In This Year’s Comrades Marathon

The Comrades Marathon Association announced on Friday the list of top contenders who will be vying for the title on Sunday, 4 June 2017.

23 May 2017 / 1 comment.

Wöstmann Withdraws From 2017 Comrades Marathon

Ultra-distance runner Caroline Wöstmann will not defend her Comrades Marathon ‘Up-Run’ title on June 4 after losing a race against time to recover from a hamstring injury.

22 May 2017 / 0 comments.

13 Ways To Ruin Your Comrades

Beware! We’ve witnessed many motivated and fit runners ruin their race day – despite all the training – because of simple (and often avoidable) mistakes.

22 May 2017 / 0 comments.

Going For Green At Comrades 2017!

491 more runners are set to join the coveted Comrades Marathon Green Number Club at this year’s 92nd Comrades Marathon.

19 May 2017 / 0 comments.

2017 Comrades Marathon Road Closures

The Comrades Marathon Association (CMA) has announced that new road closures are in place for Comrades weekend this year, due to the change of finish venue.

17 May 2017 / 0 comments.

Freshen Up At Comrades 2017

With less than 30 days to go to race day, the Comrades Marathon Association has issued the refreshment statistics for the 2017 Comrades.

5 May 2017 / 0 comments.

JUSTIN’S BLOG: The Road To Comrades Starts NOW!

Winning RW Cover Search was only the start for Justin, a 24-year old previously overweight ADHD sufferer to now 2017 Comrades Novice.

18 Jan 2017 / 0 comments.