My First Comrades Experience: The Tales Of A Novice

I believe that as a true South African, one should to run the Comrades Marathon at least once in their lifetime. I did, and it changed my outlook on life.

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‘I Missed The Comrades Cut-Off By 2 Minutes’

Charlyn Smart lined up at the 92nd Comrades Marathon with one goal in mind: to finish! And she did, but without the elusive medal she had dreamed about.

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Comrades 2017: Medical Stats By The Numbers

The Comrades Marathon Association has released its medical statistics for race day on Sunday, 4 June 2017.

7 Jun 2017 / 2 comments.

Best 13 Pictures From Comrades 2017

Near perfect weather, a great vibe and plenty of enthusiastic runners made for an awesome day of racing.

6 Jun 2017 / 1 comment.

Comrades: The Most Memorable Moments of 2017

For 92 years, the Comrades Marathon has been one of the most iconic running races in history. Here are our highlights.

5 Jun 2017 / 2 comments.

Comrades: The Best Of The Quotes

Given the nature of the Comrades Marathon, it’s not surprising that the top athletes have some inspiring and motivational quotes to share after their race.

5 Jun 2017 / 1 comment.

Comrades Wrap: Bongmusa Makes History

On Sunday, 4 June, local KwaZulu-Natal resident Bongmusa Mthembu added the ‘up’ run title to his Comrades collection.

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5 Questions With Bruce Fordyce

We sat down with the King of Comrades, Bruce Fordyce, for his final Comrades tips, memories and how to tackle cramps!

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Long-Haul Louis – The Ultimate Comrades Runner!

A lot has changed since Louis Massyn ran his first Comrades in 1973.

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COMRADES: By The Numbers!

Here are some lesser-known facts to dish out during race week.

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