Shoe Wear

I am running well with my current running shoes but my running mates tell me that they “finished”. How do I tell if they need replacing? Lindsay, Linksfield.

30 Jun 2010 / 1 comment.

A shoe or foot issue?

Hole in the toe of your shoe? Is it the shoe or your foot’s fault?

2 Feb 2010 / 0 comments.

Bring Pain to Heel

Q: I have bumps on the back of my heels that hurt when my running shoes press on them. What are they? – Sandy J.

11 May 2009 / 0 comments.

Vrot Toenail

Q: I have a toe problem that is not really a sports injury, but is aggravated by my running. My toenail is vrot. I think it is an ingrown nail that looks infected, hurts and is starting to smell. – Mia, Stellenbosch

21 Nov 2008 / 0 comments.

Running Barefoot

Q: Do we really need to run in shoes? I would like to try running barefoot. – Stacey

11 Sep 2008 / 0 comments.

Orthotics or Not

Q: My running buddies say that I should wear orthotics when I run because I don’t run “straight”. What is the deal with orthotics? – Ian, Durban.

5 Aug 2008 / 0 comments.

Starter Shoes

Q I am a woman of 25 and about to start running. What is the best shoe on the market? I have an old pair of running shoes I could use in the meantime. Is that OK? – Paula, Johannesburg

15 Jul 2008 / 0 comments.

Sore Between the Toes

Q: I have a strange pain in my left foot. It has been there for a month and it feels like it is between my small toes. It is worse when I run fast in my racing shoes. What should I do? — Stuart, Port Elizabeth

2 Jul 2008 / 0 comments.

Calf Pain Remedy

Q: I am an older runner training for shorter races and triathlons. I often get calf and hamstring injuries and my physiotherapist says it is from not being flexible enough. – Frank, Johannesburg South.

19 Jun 2008 / 0 comments.

Foot Cramp

Q: I am a casual runner and I often get cramps under the soles of my feet. How can I prevent this from happening? – Amanda, Cape Town.

19 May 2008 / 0 comments.